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The Victoria Cross, Australia Remembers

Upcoming Releases...

The Wild, Wild, West

Volume IV of the dark, Pseudo-Fantasy series, The Bellegion Rift, this eBook is set for release in Mid 2014.

In the town of Broken Falls, a  Vietnam Veteran, a young boy, two killers and a couple of young cops, learn that sometimes, Broken Falls hurt the most.

Broken Falls

Short Stories

The Quicksilver Chronicles

Favourite Authors:

Wynter's Storm

The third and long awaited final book in The Quicksilver Chronicles, Wynter's Storm is set for release mid 2014.

A collection of short stories by award winning Author, Michael C. Madden.

An Australian Author is in New York promoting his latest book when Earth is attacked by a supernatural world.

The Bellegion Rift

The Quicksilver Chronicles is an award winning, Young Adult Sci-Fi series, set in the suburbs of Melbourne.