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Broken Falls

A homeless, decorated Vietnam Veteran, is befriended by a young boy obsessed with the end of the world. Meanwhile a series of killings involving Catholic Priests rocks Australia and the small, rural town of Broken Falls. Detective Sally Davies and her young partner bend their minds to solving the crimes and stopping the murders, while the town of Broken Falls turns its misguide anger on a tired old war hero with heartbreaking results.

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The Wild, Wild, West

Volume IV of the dark, Pseudo-Fantasy series, The Bellegion Rift, this eBook is set for release in Mid 2014.

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In the town of Broken Falls, a  Vietnam Veteran, a young boy, two killers and a couple of young cops, learn that sometimes, Broken Falls hurt the most.

Broken Falls

Short Stories

The Quicksilver Chronicles

Dragons and Trains

After escaping the horrors and walking dead of New Jersey, Sam runs headlong into a massive battle. Barely escaping the fight with his life, Sam and his friends stumble from one bad situation into another. Events transpire that ensure that not only are the Black Dragon and her evil hordes hunting for Sam and his companions, but soon the entire military might of the United Sates will be as well. Only with the help of the fast recovering Sorcerer, Ethan Saffron, can they hope to survive, but will he recover in time?

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Wynter's Storm

The third and long awaited final book in The Quicksilver Chronicles, Wynter's Storm is set for release mid 2014.

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A collection of short stories by award winning Author, Michael C. Madden.

An Australian Author is in New York promoting his latest book when Earth is attacked by a supernatural world.

The Bellegion Rift

The Quicksilver Chronicles is an award winning, Young Adult Sci-Fi series, set in the suburbs of Melbourne.