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The Victoria Cross, Australia Remembers

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In the Victorian town of Broken Falls, a homeless, decorated Vietnam Veteran, a young boy obsessed with the end of the world, two killers intent on wreaking havoc on priests within the Catholic Church and a couple of young cops determined to stop the killings, all come together to learn that sometimes, Broken Falls hurt the most.

Broken Falls

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The Wild, Wild, West
Volume IV of
The Bellegion Rift Series
Unofficial Cover
Release Date Pending
The Silence of Triton
Book Two of
The Quicksilver Chronicles

Short Stories

The Bellegion Rift Series

The Value of Their Deaths
A short story

A touching tribute to the fallen Diggers of WW1.

All author profits from the sale of this book go to the Victorian, TPI Association.

Son of a TPI Veteran
A short story

Author, Michael C. Madden, gives us a touching insight into life growing up on a dairy farm with his  father, a PTSD suffering Vietnam Veteran.

The Grandfather Effect
A short story

An inventor has sunk all of his life savings into creating a time machine, but discovers that using the machine to help people is not as easy as he thinks. 

The Tide is Turning
A short Story

Winner of the DVA short Story award.

The true story of how the city of Melbourne helps Michael C. Madden's father, a TPI Vietnam Veteran, after he has lost one of his war medals.

Wynter's Storm
Book Three of
The Quicksilver Chronicles
Manhattan Dying
Volume I of
The Bellegion Rift Series
Fleeing the Rift
Volume II of
The Bellegion Rift Series
Dragons and Trains
Volume III of
The Bellegion Rift Series
The Quicksilver
Book One of
The Quicksilver Chronicles

The Quicksilver Chronicles