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After escaping the horrors and walking dead of New Jersey, Sam runs headlong into a massive battle. Barely escaping the fight with his life, Sam and his friends stumble from one bad situation into another. Events transpire that ensure that not only are the Black Dragon and her evil hordes hunting for Sam and his companions, but soon the entire military might of the United Sates will be as well. Only with the help of the fast recovering Sorcerer, Ethan Saffron, can they hope to survive, but will he recover in time?

With the aid of the towering, Bellegion worrier, Angus Freeman, Sam and his companions continue their struggle to escape the embattled, Manhattan. With all modern technology still rendered useless, Sam must continue to fight to get home. Meanwhile, he waits with bated breath for the badly wounded Sorcerer, Ethan Saffron, to recover. Without Ethan's help, survival will be impossible. His plan to find a way home without getting caught up in the ever growing war, now looks even more unlikely than ever.

Samuel Austin Martin, a struggling author from Melbourne, is on a trip to New York to promote his new book when Earth is invaded by an aggressive, supernatural world. With all modern technology rendered useless, Sam must fight demons, monsters, dragons and massive, medieval armies to get home. His impossible plan: get out of New York, cross the USA, find a way home without getting caught up in the ever growing war.

Dragons and Trains

The Bellegion Rift, Volume III

Fleeing the Rift

The Bellegion Rift, Volume II

Manhattan Dying

The Bellegion Rift, Volume I

The Wild, Wild, West

The Bellegion Rift, Volume IV

Release Date:

Yet to be announced

Release Date:

Yet to be announced

Now held responsible for the terrible slaughter of US Marines at the Military base, Quantico, Sam and his friends are in more trouble than ever. Having learned the truth about what Bellegion is, reaching Australia has become more crucial than ever. With the now full recovered Sorcerer, Ethan Saffron and his Ward Angus Freeman to aid them, they head west in a desperate attempt to get out of the United States and return to Australia where they hope to unleash the protective power of Amaron's Bolt. The path ahead however, will be more dangerous than ever.