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The Quicksilver

Book One of the

Quicksilver Chronicles

The people of Earth know about the pending alien invasion. They know about the terrible threat which looms over their world. They know there is a mysterious star-ship called, The Quicksilver, that is their only real defence against the attack. But the frightened people of Earth have no idea, what so ever, that the mysteries band of heroes who pilot The Quicksilver, are nothing more than terrified school children.
While on school camp, fifteen year old Wynter Barnes and five other students discover a strange silver shuttle secreted in the Australian bush. The discovery leads them to a powerful star-ship called The Quicksilver. Against their will, the group of school kids is plunged into a dangerous world of covert terrorist groups, a hidden organisation called the Earth Defence Union, and a galaxy full of violent aliens. Together they must put their differences apart and find a way to use the unimaginable power of The Quicksilver, to defend Earth from imminent destruction.
Fighting to balance life, school, a new girlfriend and his role as Commander of the Quicksilver, Wynter Barnes becomes overwhelmed as he sinks into a terrifying world of ruthless aliens and evil terrorists. Wynter’s world falls apart around him when two of his friends are abducted by the evil alien race known only as, The Blighters, and the EDU base itself is brutally attacked. 

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Wynter's Storm

Book Three of the

Quicksilver Chronicles

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The Silence of Triton

Book Two of the

Quicksilver Chronicles